The Must Haves for Seasonal Wellness

Winter is coming….for real. It’s that time of year when we start to burn the candle at both ends with holiday commitments, social engagements and a never ending to do list. Not to mention some delicious but-oh-so regrettable over indulging. And all of this while battling through the freezing winter temperatures. This recipe of holiday craziness can leave us physically sick and emotionally drained. So how can we stay well this season? Here’s our three step plan for what to eat, live and drink to stay healthy:


The holidays are the best time of year for delicious treats! But all that sugar and fat can deal a big blow to our systems. So this season, definitely have those yummy things, but do less of them. Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach – fill up on healthy foods before hand. Focus on fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and vitamins, specifically vitamin C. Look for fresh produce that is in season for the best nutritional value. Beets are one of our favorites because of their high fiber content coupled with that important vitamin C. Apples, oranges and pomegranates are not only delicious, they are a filling and healthy treat. Lastly, load up on garlic, onions, leeks and even horseradish to give your immune system a boost and keep your belly full.


All of the chaos of the season can be overwhelming. It’s a loud time of year physically – from the jingle of bells for donations to loud commercials for gift ideas. It’s also loud in a personal sense, meaning there are many social obligations and seasonal events that all seem to have a major sense of urgency to complete. Because of all this noise, it’s especially important to find time to create quite. Quiet for your physical self and for your mental self as well. Each day, carve out just 5 minutes to sit in silence.  Set an intention – something to focus on such as being grateful. Enjoy a those few minutes of calm quiet to recenter your thoughts.

On the flip side, if the season leaves you feeling down and lonely, look for social engagements to pep you up. If your list of events is small, consider finding a volunteer opportunity. Chatting with other volunteers and giving to the less fortunate can do wonders for the loneliness that the holidays can bring.

Whether you need some calm and quiet, or some excitement, giving yourself that time will help your mental state which will have a positive effect on your physical well being too.


This part is one of the most important for seasonal wellness! Drinking water – and a lot of it – is vital to staying healthy over the winter. Our bodies are almost 60% water! Even when you’re not sweating, it’s important to stay hydrated. And in addition to drinking lots of water, fill up a humidifier to run while you sleep. When the tissues in the body are hydrated, germs have a harder time sticking around. So drink up and often.

In addition to water, warm liquids like teas and elixirs can play a big role in your health during cold months. Not only are hot drinks nice on a chilly day, they more easily absorbed into the system. The elixirs that we serve at The Green Farm Juicery are all blended with immune building ingredients that are perfect for when your body needs a boost. And the delicious flavor is great for when your mood needs a boost too!