The Green Farm Juicery Fall Picks

It’s here! Fall is one of our favorite times of year –  changing leaves, cooler days and fresh fall fruits and vegetables. Here are some of our favorites:


What says fall more than pumpkins! Jam packed with fiber and vitamin A, these delicious fall mascots pack a lot into small packages. With only 50 calories per cup, adding pumpkin is a smart way to fill up. And all that filling fiber is not only good for your waistline but for your cardiovascular system too.  Blend 100% puree into muffins, pancakes, even cookies. Cube, steam and toss with pasta and goat cheese.

And don’t forget the seeds! Pumpkin seeds are also full of fiber, cancer fighting beta carotene and other antioxidents. Clean and lightly roast them and toss with salt – and even a little cayenne pepper – for a delicious and filling snack. Pumpkin seeds can also be blended into a delicious seed spread similar to peanut butter or whipped into cookies or muffins for a yummy crunch.


It’s hard not to walk through the grocery or the farmers market without noticing how many different kinds of squash are in season! From the tiny acorn squash to the colossal spagetti squash, these delicious seasonal treats are full of micronutrients. Highest in vitamin A, they also boast a significant amount of vitamins C and E, niacin, calcium and iron too. This amazing combination means that with each bite, you’ll be fighting inflamation and boosting the immune system.

Spaghetti squash is by far the most versital of the squash. Simply half, seed, drizzle with oil, salt and pepper and roast until fork tender. Once cooled slightly, use a fork to scrap the flesh into pasta like bites. From here, the possibilities are endless! Mix with maranara sauce or even taco meat for a delightful twist on taco Tuesday.


One of our absolute favorites as The Green Farm Juicery! Beets are an ingredient in several of our menu items including Root Fuel juice. Loved for their earthy sweet taste, rich color and firm texture, these little roots are not only delicious, they’re full of vitamins and minerals. Much like avocados, beets are known for increasing healthy cholesterol. And with a healthy dose of fiber, eating beets improves cardiovascular health over all. Beets are also chocked full of Vitamin C to help boost immunity and is a powerful antioxident.

Of course at The Green Farm Juicery, we love our beets juiced! But they can also be enjoyed diced into a salad or sliced and served with goat cheese. Roasted, raw or juiced, we love beets!


The rainbow of colors available in chard make it not only a delectable green, but a beautiful one too. Chard is in the same plant family as other well known plant powerhouses such as beets and spinach.  One of the most nutrient dense of all the vegetables, chard is full of antioxidents like beta carotene. It also boasts an impressive amount of hydrating potassium and magnesium, in addition to belly filling fiber.

Sauteing chard with a little oil and garlic is one of the more traditional dishes. But it easily blends into smoothies and juices too creating a sweet alternative.


If you’ve ever enjoyed salsa verde, you’ve had tomatillos! Native to Mexico, these delicious green vegetables resemble a tomato wrapped in a papery husk. Tomatillos boast a significant amount of filling fiber and are low in calories and fat. And with a high amount of Vitamins A and C, they are perfect for immunity building. Tomatillos also have a unique kind of antioxidants that are not only anti inflammatory, but also antibacterial too.

The tart and firm flesh brings a delicious and bright flavor to any dish. Obviously salsa verde is a great way to enjoy tomatillos, but they can also be blended into creamy sauces for not only Mexican food, but for less spicy dishes too. They pair beautifully with fish and can be used as the base for soups too.

No matter what you’re picking up at the grocery or farmers market, get a lot and enjoy the fall harvest season!