What Are Acidic Foods And Why Are They Bad for You?

In this post, we’re talking about how the acid in the food you eat can be affecting your body. First, let’s take a look at what and acid is and what that means when it comes to our food.  Flashback to chemistry 101 and acids and alkalines (or bases). Each is the extreme on the pH scale, or the measure of a compound’s acidity – acids being 0 and alkalines being 14. Our bodies run best when pH levels are about 7.45, so slightly alkaline or basic.

When our bodies become too acidic, it has 3 ways of balancing the pH level back to the optimum level. The respiratory system will increase breathing rates to remove carbon dioxide to balance pH levels. Our blood uses chemical compounds called buffers to reduce acid and also the kidneys will remove acid through urination.

While our bodies are designed to neutralize too much acid, forcing these systems to work hard and often can take a toll on our health. Symptoms of acidosis, or too low on the pH scale are; moodiness, depression, poor digestion, bad skin, and headaches. Bacteria and viruses thrive in acidic environments too making it easier to get sick and harder to recover.

So how do we keep our pH balanced with the foods we eat?


Alcohol, coffee, black tea, vinegar, yeast, meat, dairy and artificial sweeteners are all low on the pH scale, or highly acidic. Highly processed and fast foods are too. Consuming these foods and drinks force the body to fight to neutralize the abundance of acid.


Apples, grapes, oranges, peaches, pineapple and strawberries are all moderately acidic. Obviously these are a better choice than processed foods, but enjoy them in moderation. Goat cheese, wheat bread, brown rice and butter are all in this category as well.


Plant milks (rice, coconut, almond), lemons, all greens, green juices (yay!) avocado, broccoli and beans are all moderately to highly alkaline. Consuming these foods will reduce the need for the acid neutralizing systems of the body to be over worked.

Reducing the acid in your body can help improve your overall health and energy levels. If you’re struggling to get all the alkaline foods into your routine, stop by and see us.  We’d love to introduce you to the alkaline goodness of green juices and plant milks.


Looking forward to seeing you soon! Until then – Eat Green. Live Green. Drink Green.

-Amanda and Mara