7 Tips to Help You Live an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

We hope you have enjoyed your juice cleanse from an Ayurvedic perspective.  The study of Ayurveda is complicated and full of Sanskrit words, but it can also be easily broken down so that all of us can live Ayurveda every day without studying the Vedas and learning Sanskrit!  Below is our cheat sheet:

1.  Take your dosha quiz!  Knowing your ruling dosha will help you understand your body type, digestive system and what foods and routine maintain balance for you.  Ayurveda is an individualized approach to medicine. Every body and mind is different and reacts differently to diet, self care and routine!  

2.  Visit to check in with your state of health every month.  Even though we have a governing dosha that will never change, all the doshas are present within us and it is our job to be aware of any imbalances and restore them through meditation, sleep, diet and routine.  Ayurveda believes health is a participatory process. Even with medications, it is our duty to actively participate in the process.  A monthly check in using this quiz will assist in detecting where you are balanced and where you are not.

3.  Routine!  Every dosha requires routine for a maximum state of health!  This includes, the same time to bed, same to rise – every day!  Morning & evening rituals, eating at or around the same time every day and incorporating meditation into our lives.  Meditation is an active rest of the mind, sleep is a passive rest of the mind.  Meditation can be 5 minutes or 2 hours, whatever you need.  There is no wrong way to mediate. Thoughts will come and go and trying to stop them during meditation is a wasted effort!  Instead, just acknowledge them, observe them and over time the mind will become more quiet.  When you feel anxious or angry or feeling that moment come on that you are about to react, try this 1 minute mediation.  Closing eyes, then breathe in through the nose to a count of 5.  Suspend breath for a count of 5.  Exhale through the nose for a count of 5 and suspend again for a count of 5.  Repeat this for up to a minute or longer!  You’ll find that this his technique is great for kids too!

4.  Eat mindfully, eat the rainbow and eat seasonally available foods.

5.  Sip warm teas throughout the day because it will fuel that digestive fire

6.  Elimination!  Work to create a schedule of elimination daily…it is recommended upon rising.  Although this may take effort, there are ways to condition the body to eliminate in routine.

7.  Eliminate the mind too!  Everything has to be digested according to Ayurveda…not just food, but emotions and experiences as well.  This can be through journals, talking to a trusted confident, allowing space to cry, and feel. Most importantly, laughing every day, multiple times throughout the day is so good for you!

Most people experience changes and shifts with the seasons because, like our bodies and minds, the seasons are also governed by the the doshas.  We have entered the season of Kapha, winter. Winter brings cold, heavy and damp weather. It is important to take extra care to stay balanced. All doshas benefit from warmer food and drinks, plenty of rest and relaxation throughout the season.  

We hope these tips help you continue on your mind and body wellness journey.  We are thrilled to be a part of your commitment to health and if you ever have any questions about cleansing or living The Green Farm Life, please stop in to chat with us anytime!

Peace, Juice, Love,

Amanda & Mara

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