Frequently Asked Questions


At The Green Farm Juicery we specialize in organic, raw cold-pressed juices. With juicing you can easily feed your body all of the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes in up to four pounds of produce in just one delicious drink!

Our cold-pressed juices are raw and organic, to provide our customers with the most nutrient dense juice available! We would NEVER pasteurize or use high pressure processing (HPP) to extend the shelf life of our juice.

We only serve the freshest and most nutritious juices and each item on our menu is formulated to contain specific beneficial properties, meaning that with every delicious drop you’re nourishing your body from the inside out. We are here to provide you with your daily dose of juice and we also provide one, two and three day cleanses to help you kick-start a new healthy lifestyle or just to reboot after a gluttonous weekend or vacation.

Start incorporating juicing into your life and begin to feel the benefits from the inside out!